Revolution - Beige/Brown

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The Rookie Revolution impresses with its noble design and special variability. It can be worn on the back as well as on the chest. It is suitable from birth until 24 months of age (3,5kg - 20kg). As soon as your baby can hold its head on his/her own, you can carry it with the Revolution on your back (from about 6-12 months).

The apple leather shoulder straps are particularly striking. These not only look stylish, but have also been manufactured sustainably.

The Rookie Revolution was awarded the German Design Award 2020 for its unique and innovative design.

The Rookie Revolution is quick and easy to put on and can be worn individually on the front of the chest or on the back.

Which stretcher is right for you?

Not sure which rookie is right for you? Then read here the differences between the Rookie Premium and the Rookie Revolution.

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